How to ignore some index

(Mohammadhadi Sankar) #1

im using Packetbeat to log my request.
it log all elastic request.
i want to ignore all index packetbeat-* .
how can i do it?

(Andrew Cholakian) #2

@mhsankar what exactly do you mean by ignoring those indexes? Do you want to ignore them while querying, or do you not want to record data to some indexes?

(Mohammadhadi Sankar) #3

im using Packetbeat for record my users requested query
but when i want to see my log record . it save in packetBeat-* index
so i should send a request to elastic for retrive my log.
so save a log for selecting from PacketBeat index.
i dont want to log PacketBeat-* indexes.

(system) #4

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