How to implement Field level Security with X-Pack?

Hi Experts,

I was checking the docs and it says I can restrict user to a certain fields as well with X-Pack. So this is what I am doing .

POST /_xpack/security/role/testing
    "indices" : [
            "privileges": ["read"],
            "field_security": {
               "grant": ["src"]

Now assigning this role to a user

POST /_xpack/security/user/test
"password" : "abc123",
"roles" : ["kibana_user", "testing"],
"full_name" : "test user",
"email" : ""


After above I can see the role and user been created in Kibana management page . But when I login into kibana with this user I cannot see any record in the Discover page . But if I change the

"grant" : ["src"] to "grant" : ["*"]

, things are working fine . Can some one make me understand what is the use of Grant field option in Kibana or how to restrict user to a certain field ?


Vikas, are you working with sensitive data? Like healthcare data?

Hi Colby,

NO!!, I am working on security data .


Any input from anyone please ?

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