How to implement Search using Java API Client 8.1

The docs here Elasticsearch Java API Client [8.1] | Elastic do not have clear examples of using the Java API Client. Although I can view the docs for all the available classes Overview (java-client 8.1.1 API) but not sure which one to use.

There are some snippets here Creating API objects from JSON data | Elasticsearch Java API Client [8.1] | Elastic but not complete.

On the internet (and stack overflow) there are several implementations detailed (SearchRequest Builder, Search Request, Search Response, Query Builder etc.). I would like to implement a basic search and extend that.

Would appreciate if a doc or an official example details the correct way.

Documentation is currently in the works, see the github issues at Issues · elastic/elasticsearch-java · GitHub

In the meantime, if you have any issues, we're happy to help over here. I created a small sample project using the Elasticsearch client a while back, maybe that helps you as well GitHub - spinscale/elasticsearch-rest-client-samples: Elasticsearch REST client samples using Testcontainers

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Thanks @spinscale

I'm working on similar using Helidon framework, and can help with the documentation.

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