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I went through this link (Programming language clients | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.2] | Elastic) and I could not find the client api for Java. I previously used the Java api for Elasticsearch directly but there is none for app-search.

Is there a plan for java client api in future or is Java not supported for app search. In second case,

  • is there any documentation that using Elasticsearch directly can help me to transact with he actual indices behind the engines. I can evaluate in terms of authorization etc

Kindly help.

Kanav Sharma

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Hey @kanavsha , great question. Unfortunately, we do not have a Java language client for App Search today. There is a plan to have a Java Client eventually, but it has not yet been started. This should not, however, prevent you from interacting with App Search from your java applications. We have fully documented our REST API, and you can use your Java REST client of choice to interface with those JSON APIs.

While I'm not aware of any community-built Java clients for App Search, you may be able to get some ideas by looking at this community-built Java client for Workplace Search. They are different endpoints, but the same concerns (bearer auth, Enterprise Search base URL, JSON serialization, etc) are present there.

Good luck!


In addition, if you have a support relationship with Elastic, please do not hesitate to file an Enhancement Request to ask for a Java Client for Enterprise Search. This will help inform the priority of such a feature.

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Hey @Sean_Story thank you for replying. I understand what you are saying and am currently working on using elastic REST api documentation using my REST clients in JAVA.

Talking about community based java-api client, I came across Swiftype App Search JAVA. I think I can start with this and add more to it as per my use cases. Do you have any reservations on that based on your judgement.

Thanks again.

My only reservation there is that the project hasn't been updated in ~3 years, and is marked as deprecated. I would not expect it to receive official support. However, using it as a jumping-off-point to build your own client seems like a reasonable idea, and I wish you luck with it! If you build something you're proud of, I hope you'll consider open sourcing it, as this is a frequent ask from the community, and I think we'd (or at least I'd) be interested to work with you on it. :slight_smile:

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