How to import data from elasticsearch 1.3.9 to Elasticsearch 2.4

Hi Team,

I need upgrade version to Elasticsearch 2.4.
my current version is 1.3.9.
How to import data fro elasticsearch 1.3.9 to elasticsearch 2.4?
cause inside elasticsearch 2.4 also have data, can't delete, data Elasticsearch 1.3.9 also Node 0.
What commend i can use? Need Plugin?


I'd upgrade to latest 1.7, then install the migration plugin and check what is needed. Then upgrade to 2.4 if possible.

But I'd probably go another route:

Start a 5.2 cluster
Use reindex from remote API to read data from 1.3 cluster.

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I not understand about Use reindex from remote API to read data from 1.3 cluster.
Please kindly explain?

This can probably helps:

One more Question, If need upgrade to 2.4, i need install migration plugin right?



Actually i already backup the nodes data from Elasticsearch 1.3.9 to D:\D\Backup_data

PUT /_snapshot/timo_backup2
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"compress" : true,
"location": "/D/Backup_data/"

i have try this command at elasticsearch 2.4
POST /_snapshot/timo_backup2/snapshot-number-one/_restore

but have error
"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "repository_missing_exception",
"reason": "[timo_backup2] missing"
"type": "repository_missing_exception",
"reason": "[timo_backup2] missing"
"status": 404

Now how to restore my data from D:\D\Backup_data to Elasticsearch 2.4?


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You did not upgrade to 1.7 first?
I mean that IIRC you can only use the migration plugin on 1.7.

But that was not your question.

In the repository location I think you are missing the D: part.

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