How to import excel sheet in elastic search

I struggled to import my excel in elastic search, provide solution to import into elasticsearch.

or else we can convert the excel file into csv then import this file in elasticsearch.

I shared some ideas here:

Might help.

For importing CSV data into Elasticsearch, you may be able to use the new Data Visualizer (currently experimental, but available in the default distribution with Elasticsearch and Kibana 6.5, scroll down to "Visualize data from a log file") under the Machine Learning tab. This will let you drag and drop your CSV file, automatically generate an ingest pipeline and mapping, and import it.


While I totally agree on the value of this new feature I must say after working with it for a couple of days there could be many ways to make this even more useful. I wonder where feature and bug discussions should be targeted. Is this a good place or rather go to github and discuss there?

Thanks for the great work,

Generally, questions about the how to use a product or feature should go here, but feedback about a product or feature should go into a GitHub issue, where it will be seen and addressed by the relevant development team.

We always welcome feedback, and especially for experimental features like the Data Visualizer, so I encourage you to open an issue in the Kibana repo with any bugs or feature requests you have!

Edit to be clear: One bug or feature request per issue please. If you have more than one, create more than one issue!

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