The best way to achieve CSV imports?


I currently use Sphinx and import hundreds of product feeds into this.

I am just trying to get this working with Elastic Search but I need to figure out the best way to:

  1. I have mapped the product ID to the Elastic Search ID, I assume going forward it will just update this record instead of creating a new one?
  2. How do I remove old products no longer in the feeds? I was thinking to have an "updated" field which has the current time and date when it was added / updated and if older than a week then removing it with some sort of cron job?

I am using Embulk to import the CSV files I am testing at the moment using this method:

Any pointers would be greay.

  1. Yep.
  2. Or have an "active" field to save you having to remove things, plus it let's you see product history.

We can also use logstash to import data from csv to elasticsearch. The sample example is as shown below

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