How to Index a resume in elasticsearch and write a search query to find particular word


Upload resume in elasticsearch then
Visualize that in kibana using logstash
It is giving unreadable file

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You will need to give more details about what exactly you did and what went wrong. Ideally a recreation using culr or Kibana's console.


please give me a solution from start to end .....see i want to upload pdf file in elastic search and showing record in kibana and find a particular word

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Sorry, no. This is out of the scope of these forums. I can point you to this ingest processor to ingest PDF documents: but if you need someone to provide you with an start-to-end solution, I would recommend that you hire someone.

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You can also try FSCrawler project:


thnk u so much ....will chk n update u


sorry but i think that didn't work because i need how to upload any word file in elastic search

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