How to index null values/ empty array thru Ingest Pipeline


I'm new to ES, Can any one suggest me How to resolve this issue:
Pipeline name: cpqtest2602
Actual default index: cpqtest26*
Unformatted index: unformatted2602*

I'm trying to index the null values/empty array with the below set processor i can index it to Actual default index: cpqtest26*, but i want index it to Unformatted index: unformatted2602*
PUT /_ingest/pipeline/cpqtest2602
"description" : "Pipeline to extract the data and create error index",
"processors" : [
"set" : {
"if": "ctx.message == 'null'",
"field": "message",
"value": "na",
"ignore_empty_value": false,
"override": true

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