How to inject new module into kibana application

Hello guys,

I need to inject a package into my kibana application (6.2.4). I found this topic (the only link who's talking about injection of new packages). I did the same thing here and I can't figure out where is the problem!

Is there someone who did the same stuff? Any help plz !

Hi @asallemi,

Are you asking for help with the existing topic you started? Add ZingChart-AngularJS into Kibana App - zingchart is not defined

It'll be easier to help if you keep the discussion to a single thread, rather then opening new threads.

Hey @Larry_Gregory,

The two topics haven't the same title, so I am not searching a help for one topic.

In the first topic I asked about a specific issue (we can say technical support in Kibana) and the actual topic is about the way of injecting a module into Kibana plugin in general (like the title) :wink:

I'll appreciate the help in the two topics :smile:

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