How to install a Windows service and moving the location of the config directory


Environment: Elasticsearch 5.4.0, Windows server, Java 1.8. 0_121

I am trying to install a windows service using the elasticsearch-service.bat utility.
According to the documentation, it should be possible to change config, data and log directory
using environment variables CONF_DIR, DATA_DIR and LOG_DIR.

So, I create these environment variables using the set command setting them to my new locations and then run "elasticsearch-service install".
After that, I start the service.
When looking in the manager, I can see that logging directory is changed and for JVM properties I can see that have the values defined by the environment variables.

But, when looking at the result of the started service, it is not as expected.

First, the different logfiles are split on both the original place and the new location.
The data files are placed in the original place and not in the new configured one.
And the properties from the config file in the new location is not activated (changed ports).

I have tried to understand how it should work and tried a lot of variants. Nothing works.

So, what am I doing wrong here?
How is it supposed to work.

I am working with an upgrade from 1.5.x where it seems to work. But probably in another way.

/Lasse O

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