How to install client using helm chart

We are doing fresh install of Elastic Kibana stack using the chart below on GCE K8S.

How to install client is not clear from helm chart documentation
And how to install client, master, and data separately?
in the templates folder, there is statefulset.yaml file which is not required for the Client to have.

Please help me in pointers to install master, client, and data separately using helm chart from above repo.

Hi @Vivek_Pemawat,
The multi example should help you.

You can install different releases of the Elasticsearch chart with different values like master.yml and data.yml as described in the Makefile:

helm install --name es-master --values ./master.yml elastic/elasticsearch
helm install --name es-data --values ./data.yml elastic/elasticsearch

As for the client nodes, if you only want them to handle coordination, I guess you can create a client.yml value file with node.master , and node.ingest set to false.

Just to add to that, you can disable persistence (the data volume) by setting persistence.enabled: false which you can see in the client.yml from the migration example.

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