Need help in settingup ELK stack in kubernetes without HELM Charts

I am thinking of having ELK stack in kubernetes cluster. I do not have helm configured in the cluster.
Need yaml files for installing ELK stack in k8s (1.12.2) version.

Hi @kasim123!

If you are unable to install helm into a cluster it is also possible to use the helm template command to generate the yaml files that you can then install normally with kubectl. It will still require having helm installed on your local machine though. This will only work for helm charts that don't use advanced helm features like hooks and instead only rely on helms templating features (this is true for the official Elastic helm charts).

If you run helm template ./ > elasticsearch.yaml from helm-charts/elasticsearch you will get something you can install normally. Important note: These charts are still in alpha and are not yet recommended for production use cases.

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