How to install Elasticsearch-head without internet

(Lovika Jain) #1

I have downloaded the .zip file from mobz/elasticsearch-head for the installation of elasticsearch-head but don't know how to install it and where to place it in Linux server. Can somebody help!

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(Lovika Jain) #3

Okay Got it!


I tried the same. I have root access. I get the following error:
-bash: bin/plugin: cannot execute binary file
Elasticsearch is running fine. Please see the attached screenshot. What am I doing wrong here?

(David Pilato) #5

You probably did not install correctly elasticsearch. bin/plugin should have executable rights.
Note that's probably a bad idea to run it as root.
Also, you have different users here eubcdft and elasticsearch.

BTW, please open a new thread instead of commenting on a very old one. You can link to the old thread though.
Also, please avoid screen captures and prefer copying text and use </> icon to format it.

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