How to install Filebeat and Packetbeat on a Raspberry Pi 3

Hello everyone, so I am trying to install Filebeat and Packetbeat on my Raspberry pi 3 model b V1.2 with Kali for ARM

I am really struggling with this, I have seen this post but what that person did doesn't work for me.

I have also tried running the commands in this guide but with still no success.

The regular installs won't work for the pi because it is ARM and not amd-64. Is there a way to get the ARM version of the beat? Is there an ARM version?

Does anyone know of a guide that will actually work for this??

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Moving to Beats forums :slight_smile:

We have ARM binaries for Filebeat and Metricbeat built by Jenkins to verify cross-compiling works. These are built from the master branch rather than a release tag. I'll put the links to this binaries below.

I think it would be preferable to build it yourself from a release tag. You just need to install Go, checkout beats, and run go build in the metricbeat and filebeat dirs (see contributing).

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