How to integrate APM in Core Devices like switch, firewall logs

Hello All,

Please let us know how to integrate APM in core Devices like Switch, Firewall etc by its log... Because we could see APM needs to be installed server and client node js and phython as client. Is there a way to integrate it here. It would be really appreciated if someone can help on this

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Dinesh R

Hi Dinesh,

To get the most value out of APM, you will need to instrument the applications. You could report response times at a proxy/firewall/etc. level by inspecting logs, or by implementing a plugin if your proxy supports it, but you will miss out on a lot of value like the in-process timeline of transactions. The firewall/proxy will not have that kind of visibility.

Nevertheless, to report the overall response times you could write custom code for your specific firewall, proxy, what-have-you. You can use the public transaction API from any of the language clients, documented here:


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