How to integrate CAS auth in Kibana?

I need to integrate CAS Auth in Kibana
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Can anyone help me please?

Hi @tong6462 ,

Are you facing a specific issue?

Here is the Auth documentation where you can get overview about what you can do and how to configure it.
Elastic stack support SAML SSO to Kibana, so if this smth you are looking for you can fin instructions here.

Regards, Dima

Hi. @Dzmitry

What is difference between CAS vs SAML ?
I understand that CAS and SAML are different protocols used for Single-sign on purposes but, what confuses me is articles that say "CAS has an SAML implementation".
Aren't CAS and SAML different ways of how Single Sign-on can be implemented ?

Our system says they support CAS based SSO

Hi @tong6462 ,

I think this SO post will give you the answer to your question.
Basically CAS systems often support CAS, SAML2 and OAuth protocols, you might want to check it.

On our side we provide docs for the suggested way to implement security, but of course we don't have it for every 3rd party security system.
If you provide more information about the system you are using, I can ask our security team to help.

Regards, Dima

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