How to interpret Indexing Latency , Search Latency

How to interpret Indexing Latency , Search Latency from Kibana Stack monitoring dashboard
I didn't find references about this documentation.

Hi @nages,

Search Latency is time/count for search or indexing events.

For example, if you look at current metrics viaES_URL/_stats, Search Latency is calculated by dividing /

In the Kibana Stack Monitoring UI, most charts show rates rather than raw values, so the chart will reflect the changes in the above math over time.

Does that help?

Is there any documentation that mentions all the details . I had see in the elastic. co documentations, there isn't any reference

There are numerous things that can affect your query performance such as poorly constructed queries, improperly configured Elasticsearch clusters, JVM memory, garbage collection issues, etc. Without a doubt, query/search latency is a metric that has a direct impact on users, and it’s essential that you receive alerts when there’s an anomaly. Tracking the request rate along with query latency provides an overview of how much a system is used. Putting the request latency together with the request rate into a graph immediately provides an overview of how much the system is used and how it responds to it.

copying @chrisronline for further inputs.


Thanks for your quick response. I am also looking for the documentation about all the terminology referred in "Stack monitoring" dashboard .,inSetupMode:!t,refreshInterval:(pause:!f,value:10000),time:(from:'2020-04-12T19:21:09.287Z',to:'2020-04-13T13:03:39.757Z'))

It seems there is no response even for the "simple" questions like above - even after 12 hours .. I am aware of the rules of the community that everyone is busy and shouldn't be expecting a response soon. However, it is not recommended practice to take a lot of time for a simple questions like this.

Not sure whom to reach out

Have you checked out this documentation link:

Few other relevant links:


hmm, thanks for sharing "three" links for a simple explanation of the terminology used in the dashboard . Unfortunately , none of the links have the details

Would you mind sharing specific phrases if you happened to find any .

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