How to join two index

I have two index, I want to join them both. How to do that?
for Ex: Emp is an one index with department id
Department is other index with details and index id as department id.

I want to join both index with department id

Hi spraveenjd,

Elasticsearch can not joins indices. At most you can either use parent/child or nested object mappings, but you are limited to one index only. Please refer to for more information.

If you decide to do application side joining and you have a large dataset then you could use Apache Spark using the es-hadoop integration (

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Thanks Thiago
Is there a possibility to create the parent and child relation in logstash? If so please help me with a sample.

if you are talking about how to instruct logstash to create a mapping that uses parent/child, then you just need to create the appropriate index template mapping that you want to use and configure the logstash elasticsearch output to use it (refer to

instead of join ,we use terms query.

Hello QD_Wang,

Maybe you could describe a little bit more of your problem?

I don't see how terms query could be a replacement for joins...