How to link two indices?

(Lingfeng Xiong) #1

Hi all,
There are two indices in ES, which stored related information.

For example, an index named "logstash-netflow-YYYY-MM-DD" contains field named "netflow.ipv4_src_addr" and "netflow.ipv4_dst_addr". Another index named "logstash-radius-YYYY-MM-DD" contains field named "Framed-IP-Address" and "User-Name".

Is there anyway to link these two indices together? Like when querying "netflow.ipv4_dst_addr=", shows all corresponding "netflow.ipv4_src_addr" and "User-Name"?

If this design is not good, any suggestions to improve it?

(nodexy) #2

Maybe you can try this feature : parent-child relationship

(Mark Walkom) #3

Short answer is no, you cannot join in nosql systems, including ES.

Longer answer is sort of using something like TimeLion which visually "merges" things. Or you can use parent/child, but it's not really relevant for this dataset.

(Lingfeng Xiong) #4

@warkolm Any suggestions to improve my current design to allow such query?

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