Two index query, linking field

I justs started with Elasticsearch in order to analyse our network data. So far it works well and above expectation.

The netflow data goes to the index log_netflow:
"_source" : {
"host" : "",
"type" : "netflow",
"@timestamp" : "2019-01-04T00:28:05.000Z",
"netflow" : {
"protocol" : 6,
"ipv4_src_addr" : "",
"l4_src_port" : 5500,
"ipv4_dst_addr" : "",
"l4_dst_port" : 23,

and all kinds of queries work just fine.

Now I created a new index:
"_source" : {
"name" : "desktop",
"ipaddr" : "",
"description" : "sysop pc"

in which I added the IP's that are 'allowed'. But now i'm stuck on the next step ......How can I create a query that only gives met the log_netflow records of which the "ipv4_src_addr" is not in whitlisted in "ipaddr" ??

Can someone points me in the right direction :roll_eyes: ?
Thnx, Ton.

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