How to keep stable to ELK stack when downgrading the Centos VM from 8 to 7

Hello Dear Community,

We will downgrade the distributions of Centos VMs running the ELK stack from 8 to 7 So what should I do before/after Cento's downgrade to keep stable the ELK? I need your recommendation. Should I backup the snapshots? what else should I do?

You can not downgrade.

You can only restart a 7.x cluster and restore the snapshots you did.

Hi @dadoonet ,
I think you misunderstood me about the downgrade. I don't mean Elasticsearch downgrading, I mean CentOS Machine distro. We will downgrade the VMs which are CentOS 8. from CentOS 8 to CentOS 7. ELK stack is running on them. will it be an impact on ELK stack? if so what should I do?

Indeed. I totally misunderstood.

I'd probably indeed create a new cluster on CentOS7 and restore the latest snapshot there.

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