How to know which task/process is using the JVM Heap and non heap

Hi there,

I have stopped all the indexing(bulk indexing) process, and even though, I can see the jvm heap is around 85%+.

How can we know, which task/process is using JVM Heap and non heap memories. It will help me to identify the area, to focus on the task/process using more JVM Heap.

Also, suddenly, a 700MB file(around 2.5 lakh docs of 3 kb each) is taking around 2 hours of time, where earlier it is taking just around 5-10 mins. What could be the issue here? and what to check, why the bulk indexing time has increased drastically?

I could see the Bulk Index queue is 100+ all the times, not more than that. Even earlier, it is the same. So, is this some thing like logstash is not sending the requests? or ElasticSearch is not accepting the bulk indexing requests from logstash?

ES uses the heap, non heap is handled by the OS.

Do you have Monitoring installed?

I have the KOPF and ElasticHQ installed. But not able to figure out why such drastic increase in the indexing time.

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