How to make a Rest Call from Kibana to a external machine?

My requirement is to create a Visualization whose contents are the output of an external rest service

You need to build your own app that sends the request and then outputs either a log or outputs to Elasticsearch. Kibana doesn't do REST requests to other machines, it's just a tool to visualize data and manage the Elastic stack.

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Hi Thanks for the response. Can we make rest calls from ElasticSearch?

Nope, Elasticsearch is a data store. You can do an HTTP request from Heartbeat, but that is only good for checking if a service is up or not.
You need to build your own script/app to do the REST calls.

Hi Thanks for the quick response.

So here is my requirement.

  1. I have to show the contents from an external service on Kibana in a table format=> So I think this can be achievable by using HTTP plugin in logstash and then pushing data to Kibana through ElasticSearch.

  2. Once I select a row in the table displayed on Kibana UI, I need to make another rest call by sending the contents of the row to external system and render the output back on Kibana.

Can this be achievable? Please guide me if yes.

Nope, the second part is not achievable in Kibana. We don't allow making external request from Kibana for security reasons.

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