How to make data table of last value


Do you know how to create a data table with the laste value of every host (for example) ?

And is it possible to apply a filter based on last value ? (I dont want to see all hosts)

Hi @GinkoLucas ,

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Can you explain a little bit more what last value you want to show, and how the filters should work?
A basic table example will suffice.

Hi @Marco_Liberati,

I store logs in Elastic. I want a data table who show me the last log sent by host.
So each line represents a host and for example the last value of the level of the log (information, warning, error...).
Like this :

host 1 | Error
host 2 | Information
host 3 | Error
host 4 | Warning

I already try to do this with "Top Hit" metric and "Last Value" metric in Lens, but i cannot apply filter on last value. I would like to display the hosts having "Error" as the last value of the level field :

host 1 | Error
host 3 | Error

It is not possible to hide the lines, but if you click on Add Advanced options and click on filter by, you can filter by level: Error in your case.

Screenshot 2021-10-05 at 16.10.34

Then clicking on the Table column Level header you can sort in ascending order and the hosts with the Error level will always be the first ones.

Would that work?

Thanks @Marco_Liberati.

It's not exactly what I would like, but if there is no other way it should be enough.

Thanks for taking time for me.

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