How to make Elastic Endpoint not stoppable unless with a password


I am testing elastic endpoint and it's working perfectly, I just wanna know if there is a solution to make the endpoint not stoppable unless if we enter a password to make it more secure.

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Here are the docs on securing the Cluster

thanks for your reply @stephenb,

I already set TLS between the browser and kibana and between Elasticsearch and kibana, I also set a password for the different users.
My question was about the endpoint, as hacker when they penetrate they try to kill the process of the endpoint, so I wanted to know if there is a setup in the Elastic enpoint to don't allow anyone to kill the process unless you have a password ?

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Hi @TheHunter1

At this point there is not a way to make the endpoint unable to be stopped.

Since this was the first beta release of the Endpoint, we made the decision to delay the feature you're talking about to ensure that if anyone ran in to issues, removing or disabling the endpoint would be as simple as possible. It is a feature that is planned and should be out in the next release or two.


Thanks for your reply @NickFritts ,
I am waiting forward for your next releases .

@TheHunter1 Apologies I read your original post incorrectly glad you got your answer.

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