How to make elasticdump faster

Hi Elastic Community members,

I would like to know, Is there any way to speed up the elastic-dump. I need to migrate data from one elasticsearch to another elasticsearch cluster. I noticed for 1GB of data is taking around 1hour?

How to skip the replica shard while using the elasticdump?

Like that i am using command.
elasticdump --input=http: //source_server:9200/index_name --output=http://destination_server:9200/index_name --type=data --limit=10000


We are not experts in Elasticdump, but that seems awfully slow...

My suggestion Use logstash it will be much faster and we do know about that :slight_smile:

Input elasticsearch
Output elasticsearch

Also how much data..
And how big are your clusters
In other words there are many variables.

Or do a remote reindex, might be quicker still.

Thanks for putting some hint.

got it.

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