Moving data to new index with more shards (Elasticsearch 1.7)

We seem to be running out of shards on some of our larger indices on Elasticsearch 1.7.

In order to utilize larger clusters with more nodes, I'm hoping that we can create new indices with more shards, and copy the data from the old indices.

I realize that we could re-index from the source application but that would take weeks.

Can we create a new index on a new cluster, with more shards, and simply copy the data with elasticdump?

elasticdump \
  --input=http://localhost:9700/myhugeindex \
  --output=http://newhost:9700/myhugeindex \
elasticdump \
  --input=http://localhost:9700/myhugeindex \
  --output=http://newhost:9700/myhugeindex \

Once the transfer is complete, we would invalidate and re-index all changes committed after elasticdump was started.

Can it be done this way?



Moving to a new index with more shards will require reindexing the data. For this you might be able to use elasticdump, but I have myself never used it.

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