How to make great tables - Kibana 4

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I am tried to make so great kibana 4 tables and I am having a hard time.
I am trying to visualize data about marketing campaigns we are running.

I would like to be able to show on the same row, results from 2 different filters.
For example, one column to sum all rows with of type 1 and the second all rows of type 2.
The I would like to have a third column, whos value is column 2 divided by column 1?

Is this at all possible.

Also if I want to multiple the value I get in a column by 1000 before showing it is that possible.
For example mane the average calculation and then multiply it by 1000?

Thank you for you help

(Dan ) #2

solved on part, if you want to multiply a result by 1000 use this code in the JSON input

but still dont know how to get the value of column 2 divided by column 1

(Anh) #3

If you need a division value, you may try to create a scripted field = field1 / field2

(Dan ) #4

@anhlqn Thank you for your help
is a scripted field, ran on a single document, or can it be used to cal the value of column 2 divided by column 1.
Could you please provide and exact code example as I am fairly new to kibana

(Anh) #5

You can search for scripted field kibana. For example, in each document you have field_1 and field_2, you want to have a field_result = field_1/field_2, go to you index in Kibana and add a scripted field named field_result with the script as below

doc['field_1'].value / doc['field_2].value

(Dan ) #6

@anhlqn, i think this works on a doc level, but I need it on a visualization / aggregation level.
Any ideas

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