Is it possible to make tables like in Excel?

What I am interested in is replicating the look and functionality of excel sheets. So I would like a way for me to be able to set some columns do mathematical caculations on other fields, and to be able to simply chose a column in whom I can set fields manually. Can that be done in Kibana using visualizations or do I need a plugin or some other tool to do it.

This picture is an example of what I mean.

Hello @Oggy,

Have you looked at using the data table visualization?


I have but that does not solve my issue.
I want to be able to have manual fields and do basic math operations.
Is it doable with scripted fields ?

Hi Oggy, can you please try, this plugin do mathematical caculations

Its depends on the precise definition of what you need to do and what your documents look like.

Okay to make it more clear. The indexes we use have price for every order made. What I should try to do is to compare the total sum of the field to a static value (that we do not have in the logs) and to see how much percentage the current sum is lower or higher from the static value. That static value I don't have in the logs and it is different for every product. Adding new fields in code to do that is a bad practice, so is there a Kibana way of doing that? These static fields are basically projected earnings, and we have too many products we have to do this for. Could I make a new field in Kibana and give them a value manually ?

I think the best approach for a problem like this is to think in terms of elasticsearch. If you can think about documents, values in those documents, and how you might query them then the Kibana portion becomes easy.

If I understand correctly, you have a set of logs that become documents in elasticsearch but they lack a value that is necessary for the calculation you need. Where does that value live? How do you find it? How are your logs being ingested into elasticsearch?

I suspect we need to find a way to populate that field either when the log line is ingested or add it later.

That static value is set revenue goal, and we do not want to send it to Kibana. What I was asking is simply if I can make a visualization (as a table) that tells me how much percentage I am currently at (when compared to the set revenue goal).

For example lets say our goal is 1000, we currently have 10.
The field should say we have only reached 10% of our set goal.

How many items have revenue goals?

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