How to make Rest API call from Mobile app to Kibana

I'm building a Mobile app for the Android & iOS platform. I want to fetch information from the Kibana dashboard into a mobile app using the REST API. the dashboard contains information in the form of charts and counts.
I didn't find any information regarding how to fetch information using the REST API.
does Kibana provide such a facility to get information using the REST API.
I'm completely new to this, so please any input or direction really helpful.


In Kibana there is a separation between the actual data from your indices and configuration objects (called saved objects) like dashboards and visualization configurations. The Kibana works by first fetching the saved objects, then building ES queries based on the configuration and fetching the data in a second step.

To get the configuration objects you can use the saved objects api. The returned JSON will give you information like what visualizations are located on a dashboard, how is the grid arranged, and so on. The visualizations itself are stored in separate saved objects referenced from the dashboard saved object. In those saved objects the configuration for the individual charts is stored - like type of visualization, how to split up the data, what metrics to fetch and so on.

Building the queries out of the configurations is not a trivial thing to do - if you are building a completely separate app, you will have to reverse engineer that part as it's written in Typescript and Javascript and very hard to port into a native app. A good starting point would be to go to a dashboard and look at the requests sent to the server - they will contain the ES queries that return the actual data for the visualizations.

Hello @Mike559,

There is already an iOS App for Kibana, check out this post.

Thank you

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