How to make string aggregatable

Dear all,
i have some question regarding the field mapping
since i need some field in my index to be able to use in visualize i need to make it aggregatable, but i still need the ability of the text type to search part of the string to view the data, i read the doc and most of them say to use the keyword type but the keyword type when use in search have to be exact word to be able to search
Are there any solution to making string aggregatable and still have the same ability to search part of text.

Thank you

Hi Lusynda,

You need to map using a multi-field mapping

thank you for replying
I have done this in my index by what i want to do is to make the field to be aggregatable to use it in the visualize and still can use the full text search

I use it for the control visualize, it only allow me to use the field that are aggregatable and what i need is to have the ability to use full text search in the box inside the control visualize

Are we talking about Kibana here?
Regardless, if you want to aggregate or search you need to use the right choice of field name for that task. While your original JSON may have a field called foo when you use multi-field mapping you effectively create new indexed fields with a . separator in the name so you might have indexed fields called foo.keyword, foo.for_aggs, foo.for_search or foo.for_fuzzy_search or whatever names you put into the mapping.

Thank you i will look into it

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