How to manually install winlogbeat template and dashboard?

I don't want my Elastic server exposed to the network, only through logstash;

There are instructions for manually exporting and importing metricbeat templates and dashboards, which isn't AS important as I can do that from within the (docker) service; I did find where to export the winlogbeat template so it can be imported into ES, but have not found any indication of how to export the Kibana dashboards so that they can be imported without Winlogbeat being able to talk directly to my server.

Can anyone offer any guidance

I might not understood your question perfectly. So forgive me if I am not answering your questions you have.

Unfortunately, currently there is not any way to import dashboards to Kibana without your Beat communicating with Kibana or Elasticsearch depending on the versions.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Hi, yes, that was the question.

Interesting that one can export the Elasticsearch templates so they can be installed manually, but not Dashboards. Hopefully that's a feature that can come arrive one day!

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