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I'm working on automation of beats deployment with ansible. I don't want to give all the beats access to neither kibana nor elasticsearch, just logstash. So I decided to grab all the dashboards delivered with beats and import them with ansible through kibana api to saved_objects. But that not easy - exporting dashboard still wants to have access to kibana, so the only option I see is to do

filebeat setup --dashboards
auditbeat setup --dashboards
winlogbeat setup --dashboards

and then download the dashboards from kibana to save with my project.

Other things such as index config, templates, etc can be exported without problems to stdin.

Is there a easier way how to achieve this?

Thank you

There is an artifact that contains all the dashboards and nothing else.

Perhaps you could download that with Ansible and extract it. Then use Ansible to mimic what the setup --dashboards command does by making a REST call to the saved-objects API (beats/kibana_loader.go at 0b12bb453d316734b0dcc1fa1dfde54761457c98 · elastic/beats · GitHub).

Hey, that's exactly what I was looking for. How did you get to that link? I found nothing that leads to this file. Anyway, thank you :slight_smile:

It's a legacy artifact from a few major releases ago when Beats used to download the dashboards rather than including them in their own package. Nothing uses it, but we kept it around.

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