Export/Import kibana dashboards

I am trying to migrate dashboards from one development environment to other and of-course I want to automate that for the future use :slight_smile:

I found out from https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/libbeat/master/export-dashboards.html there are written scripts to do export/import of dashboards.

I got latest version from git :

I have run this command but actually it ignored dashboard I wanted to export :frowning:
$python ./export_dashboards.py --url 'http://XXXX.net:9200' --dir /tmp/dashboards --beat logstash
Export logstash dashboards to /tmp/dashboards directory
Elasticsearch URL: http://XXXX.net:9200
Elasticsearch index to store Beat's data: logstash-*
Elasticsearch index to store Kibana's dashboards: .kibana
Written /tmp/dashboards/index-pattern/logstash.json
('Ignore dashboard', u'Agent connection events dashboard')
('Ignore dashboard', u'Device registration dashboard')
('Ignore dashboard', u'Log Trends for 7days')
('Ignore dashboard', u'Perf Test')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXX_ITG_Mirror')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXXt session events dashboard')
('Ignore dashboard', u'REST')
('Ignore dashboard', u'Jobs dashboard')
('Ignore dashboard', u'File upload dashboard')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXX_PRO')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXX troubleshooting')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXX Dashboard')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXX Dashboard')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXX: Tests DB')
('Ignore dashboard', u'XXX Platform Overview')

Am I doing something wrong or this does not work as expected?


You'll increase your chances of getting help if you move your question to the Beats category. The Beats folks probably don't read the Logstash category where you originally posted it.