How to Map Greek Word to Multiple English Words

In My application English name consist of Greek word. For example i have title field called Test αβ γ, people in application search by keyword Test ab or Test alphab or Test alphabeta gamma.

I have followed this link - and used icu_transform this analyse α to a but not to alpha, for example if i search Test ab then i get result but if i use Test alphabeta then no results are returned.

With icu_transform filter i have mapped char_filter like below -

"char_filter": {
            "default_char_filter": {
              "type": "html_strip"
            "greek_char_filter": {
              "type": "mapping",
              "mappings": [
                "α => alpha",
                "β => beta",
                "γ => gamma",
                "δ => d",
                "ε => epsilon",
                "ζ => z",
                "η => h",
                "θ => th",
                "ι => i",
                "κ => kappa",
                "λ => l",
                "μ => m",
                "ν => n",
                "ξ => ks",
                "ο => o",
                "π => p",
                "ρ => r",
                "σ => s",
                "τ => t",
                "υ => y",
                "φ => f",
                "χ => x",
                "ψ => ps",
                "ω => w",
                "αι => ai",
                "ου => ou",
                "ει => ei",
                "οι => oi",
                "αυ => au",
                "ευ => eu",
                "μπ => mp",
                "γκ => gk",
                "ντ => nt",
                "γγ => gg"

And analyser is
"greek_analyzer": {
"filter": [
"tokenizer": "standard"
Mapping is
"name": {
"type": "text",
"analyzer": "greek_analyzer"
Please suggest changes on this

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