How to migrate Elasticsearch data from 1.7 to Elasticsearch 2.0

Is there any tools to migrate data from Elasticsearch 1.7 to 2.0?? How I can do it effectively?? I already use the migration plugin for validation check but I don't know how to migrate it. Thanks

If the migration plugin found issues then you will need to reindex the data into a new 2.0 cluster.

Hi Warkolm,

yes if the migration plugin doesn't have issue then how to migrate the data to elasticsearch 2.0? is there any plugin or tools that can make the migration process easier??


Snapshot & Restore make this . I like to use elasticsearch-kopf which makes snapshots even easier to work with.

Or just install the new version over the top and restart the cluster.

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But how to backup the data from the old elasticsearch?

Snapshot and restore, as previously mentioned.

I'll try it. Thanks

Post the result here, we're going to ugprade our cluster too next month :wink:

I used elasticsearch-kopf to get this done. using snapshot and restore.
Remember to add path.repo on each node's config file and use the migration plugin to check before migrate to Elasticsearch 2.0 because some feature has been removed.

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