Migration plugin -- available for 1.x to 5.0?


I see the handy the migration plugin with two options: 1 for upgrading from 1.x to 2.x and one for upgrading from 2.x to 5.x. Is there an option for 1.x to 5.x?

Asking because we're currently running elasticsearch 1.7 and plan on moving straight to 5.0 (rather than upgrading to 2.x then to 5) by standing up a new cluster and then using the reindex from remote option to reindex our lucene version 4 indices.


No, there isn't a migration plugin for that jump. Sorry!

Thanks for the quick reply! If our approach is to standup a 5.0 cluster, regarding the approach to migrating data, does elastic recommend a) restoring snapshots from 1.7 or b) reindex from remote?

Snapshots from Elasticsearch 1.X are not compatible with Elasticsearch 5.0, so reindex from remote is required.

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