How to migrate my plugin using getAutoRefresh$ to newer version?

I'm trying to develop a plugin that queries data in Elasticsearch every 5s and shows the data.

I made it perfectly in version 7.11.1.

However, after I upgraded my Elasticsearch nodes and kibana to 7.17.0, I'm struggling to upgrade my plugin.

I used data plugin to use timefilter and refresh interval.

Here's my previous code.

  let searchSource: ISearchSource;
  let indexPattern: IndexPattern | undefined;

  // Create searchSource and find index patterns.
  const call = async () => {
    searchSource = await;
    [indexPattern] = await data.indexPatterns.find(Config.indexPattern);

  // Use React hooks to manage state.
  // const [hits, setHits] = useState<Array<Record<string, any>>>();
  const [color, setColor] = useState<string>(Config.color.default);

  // Use useEffect function to manage the lifecycle.
  useEffect(() => {
      pause: false,
      value: Config.refreshIntervalValue,
    // autoRefreshFetch$ makes a stream every {refreshInterval.value} milliseconds.
    const autoRefreshFetch$ = data.query.timefilter.timefilter.getAutoRefreshFetch$();

    // Query object must have language property with either 'lucene' or 'kuery'.
    // Lucene represents QueryDSL, the other does ESQuery.
    autoRefreshFetch$.subscribe(() => {
        .setField('index', indexPattern)
        .setField('size', 1)
        .setField('sort', { '@timestamp': SortDirection.desc })
        .then((response) => {
    // This return phrase is called when the element is unmounted from DOM.
    return () => {
      data.query.timefilter.timefilter.setRefreshInterval({ pause: true });
  }, []);

It worked perfectly in 7.11.1 , but not in 7.17.0.

I found that fetch() function had been deprecated, and getAutoRefreshFetch$() function had been changed also.

I have no idea how to use a subscription of fetch$() inside of the subscription of autoRefreshFetch$.

Please help me with it. Thank you.

I solved this issue by myself.
I had to call AutoRefreshDoneFn() in next property in subscribe.

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