Update filter when changing index pattern

Hi everyone,

i'm working on a kibana plugin (Kibana 7.10.3) wich should display data in a chart for a selected index pattern. In the line chart, a selection of the available indices is displayed at the beginning. In principle I would like to copy this functionality - with the difference that an index is to be selected over a dropdown menu in the option tab of a chart. Subsequently, the chart + filter in the top navigation for the selected index should be updated. How can i do that?

I looked at several examples and the visualization plugins. I found out that after the index selection in the line chart, there is a navigation to a URL. This URL contains the index id. But how do I link my plugin to an index?

During the research I came across the saved objects. However, I unfortunately do not understand how these work and are set. I am grateful for any tip!

Best regards!

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