Filtering based on _index in kibana dashboard

I have multiple visualizations added to a dashboard. All visualizations use an index pattern 'raw_request*'.
Now my data comes in different indices like 'raw_requests_p1' and 'raw_requests_p2'.

So, in dashboard, I applied a filter as _index: "raw_requests_p1" to fetch only relevant records. But this does not fetch me any records. Is this not possible or I might be doing something wrong?

P.S. the individual indices do have records for the set time range.

Using the _index field seems to work on my local dataset, so it should be possible.

Are you creating a filter, or just adding that to the query bar at the top? Can you share a screenshot of what you're doing? Ideally with the filter open if it's a filter, like this:


So, I am using Kibana version 5.7
Also, I tried both ways and the results did not vary. Right now, I do not have access to my system, but its exactly like the way you have done in your screenshot. Except that, the 'index field is not a drop down but a text box'.

Fixed now!!
I had modified the visualization objects in kibana to now point to the index pattern 'raw_requests*' rather than 'raw_requests_p1' which was present before hand.
The changes got lost in b/w snapshot recovery and other operations on dashboard.
So, it works correctly now.
Also, later I still had similar issue which happened because I forgot to reapply mapping to one of the indices while recreating it.

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All visualizations use an index pattern 'raw_request*'.

Ah, so we were both operating under the wrong assumption here :wink:

Glad you got it working, and thank you for following up with the solution here!

Yeah, my bad. Patient debugging got it right. Thank you for helping out. Hopefully this will fix someone else's issue too.

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