Kibana Dashboard - define his own index pattern

Hi all,

I'm trying to apply some filter in a Kibana dashboard with no success because it will be applyed to the defined global default index pattern and this Dashboard visualizations get all their data from other index not from the default one.

So this filter dosen't work at all, displaying the error bellow.


There is a way on this Dashboard only to define his own index pattern in order to be the same used in the included visualizations and so the filter applies to them?

Thank you, Pedro

That filter is applied only to the visualizations in your dashboard. If you have one that is configured on the filebeat-* you get that error.

Thanks @Marius_Dragomir but none of the visualizations in this particular dashboard uses filebeat-* index pattern. They all use some other.
Happens that filebeat-* is the defined global index pattern which make sense in the most of the cases but not in this one.
The field we want to filter doesn't even exists in filebeat-* pattern so we aren't able to apply this legit filter to our dashboard and included visualizations.
No way to pass it at dashboard level in order to be inherited by visualizations correctly (even manually at kibana saved objects edition level)?

Nothing more?

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