Dashboard filter does not find index fields

Hello good, I have a question, I am monitoring equipment and in the dashboard I made I have data from several indexes, what arises here is a problem, as I will filter by the (sysname) of a team and I do not get the field, what I have seen is that I get data only from an index of netflow, and not snmp where I have the other data. how can I make a filter for a specific index? Thanks You...

@Juan_David_Jaramillo, what Kibana version are you at?

Visualizations should "report" to the filter bar the index patterns they are using. If more than a single index pattern is used, then the filter bar should allow picking an index pattern when creating a filter.

There was a problem with some visualizations (e.g. Time-series was one of them), that they didn't report the underlying index pattern, hence their index pattern was not available inside the filter bar on a dashboard. I think this was fixed around 7.12.0-7.13.0 (don't know the exact version, but I can look it up if needed).
If you use an older version, then you could try to add an aggregation-based visualization (e.g. a pie chart) with a sysname index pattern to that Dashboard, and then this index pattern should be available inside the filter editor.

I'm using version v 7.8.0

Please try the workaround.
Otherwise this should be fixed in the latest version.

Thanks, I tried with the search in KQL, and there I was able to make a filter, because in the other one I did not get the field, thank you very much for your attention.

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