How to monitor a live site with APM Server?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could offer me support on how to get APM Server to monitor a new website I have created. I am university student completing a project on how to monitor performance on websites. I have very limited knowledge of web dev and elasticsearch tools.

I was able to follow the RUM tutorials with the example Car site. Following this tutorial, I was able to monitor my created website locally with no issues. Today, I hosted my website online with GitHub Pages. I am now unsure how I am now meant to monitor this live site. I am hoping it is a case of doing some configuration the various tools but I could see anything related online on how to do this.

Any support or knowledge shared would be much appreciated.



Hello there,

Welcome to the forum. If you followed through the Car example, you probably had all services (APM Server, Elasticsearch, Kibana) running in your laptop and your website code had a snippet to init the agent with the URL of the APM Server, something like:

    serviceName: 'mywebsite',
    serverUrl: 'http://localhost:8200',
    serviceVersion: '0.1.0'

Now that you deployed your website, you need to install the Elastic Stack somewhere else (using eg. a cloud provider like GCP, Azure or AWS). The most important thing you need to configure is the URL of the APM Server in your agent initialization; and the URL, username and password of Elasticsearch in the APM Server and Kibana configuration files.

Here you can find the steps:

Alternatively, you can also create a Elastic Cloud trial account, which installs and configures everything for you.

Hope this helps!


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