How to monitor servers cpu, memory with kibana

Im getting information through collectd to logstash, filtering with elastic search, but i cannot make a graph with the usage of cpu or memory.

Is it possible?

Thank you

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Providing more info would be useful.
Why can you not create a graph?

I'm not sure, i think is because the metrics agregation.
I just can use: max, min, average, sum, count... there's not the absolute value. Maybe Max value Works for me but i don't know the right metric.
I think there's not a lot of inofrmation about how to use collectd with kibana, ebcause i found a lot of manual with kibana 3 not 4 which is quite diferent.
If anyone that had used that configuration could help me, it would be very useful.


In this regard Kibana 3 isn't that different from Kibana 4. Both of them aggregate values and neither support showing every single value. However, is that really a problem? Wouldn't a max aggregation over a sufficiently small aggregation window work out pretty well?

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Hi Magnus,

I solved it using min value.

Thanks for the reply

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