Line Time-Series Graph for Metric from multiple servers showing only count not actual value

Hello All,

I am new to Kibana and I am trying create Time-Series Graph to Monitor CPU and Memory Utilization from Multiple Servers from ES and looking for some help from experts.


  1. Multiple Servers
  2. CPU Metrics- CPU and Memory

Need TS Graph - Memory from all the Servers plotted.(All servers`s memory to be plotted on the same graph)
Y-Axis: Memory/Server
X-Axis: TimeStamp


While creating a TS Graph, The Y-Axis always shows the Aggregated Count and not the actual value of the Memory/CPU Utilization/Metric,

Can someone help me, if I am doing something wrong ?

You can use a Top hit aggregation sorted descending by Timestamp, this will show the last value of the metric.