Creating line graph to monitor multiple servers

I am new to Kibana and I am attempting to create a line graph that shows the percentage utilization of multiple servers. I tried using the line graph in visualization but I was only able to show one server's data. Is there a feature on Kibana that makes this possible or is there one planned in the future. Thank you.

hi @aprilt,

could you share a little bit more information?

Do you want to show the average percentage usage for all servers over time?

It would also help if you could provide n example of your mapping, and a few example documents.

Hi @thomasneirynck,
There are a couple graphs I would like to produce, one is the percentage of CPU time spent in wait and the other is the average percentage usage for each server over time. This Time Series graph is what I came up with, but I would like to plot a line graph for each server and have them all overlayed on the same graph instead if it is possible. I will be plotting around 10 servers on each graph. Thank you for your assistance.

I wasn’t sure what you meant about mapping but here is a sample log and graph:


This is the type of graph I am looking to create:

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