How to move data in 1.6.0v to 6.4.x

My elasticsearch version is so old (1.6.0).
I want to upgrade this to 6.4.2v !!
But I guess both snapshot type was different :frowning:

I've tried 2ways to solve this problem.

  1. make snapshot on 1.6.0v
  • And move that to 6.4.2v backup repository
  • But ES(6.4.2v) could not recognize snapshot from 1.6.0v
  1. make json file from 1.6.0
  • But I failed to make it because 'elasticdump' did not work well :frowning:

Anybody helps me plz

First go to 7.1.1 instead.

Try reindex from remote. May be it can read your old data.
Try logstash with elasticsearch input and output plugins.

Thanks for your guide !
I will try it

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