How to move indexes withing one node between mount points


im running one Elastic node 8.10.4. Im using logstash to create one index per linux machines per day as can be seen below:

But because of huge amount of data. I would like move indexes 30days and older from current SSD disk (2TB) to HDD(16TB) disk only within one Elastic node. For example I mounted new HDD to /mnt/hdd16tb.

I have read this How to move indexes on the same server between different mount points but i would like to use only one node.


It is not possible to do this using a single node. You will need to have 2 nodes, one with SSD and one with HDD.

This is def. best practive for your usecase, you should setup a second node and use ILM and node roles to move your data.

Theoretically you could run two elasticsearch processes on one host (i think.....) and changing the second one enough so it doesn't conflict (e.g port listening on).

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