How to move old index in another location?

Hi everyone,

The local FS where elasticseach is installed is full about 93%. My client gave me 1TO on a NFS that I already mounted.
I create daily index thanks to Logstash, is that any way to move older index only on the mounted folder and keep only x days locally?
Not sure how to proceed, I don't see any option on Kibana ILM so I can archive/delete old index in another location. Please advise!

Thanks a lot for your help.

You need to add another node to be able to do this. A single Elasticsearch will use all storage that is allocated to it equally.

Thanks for your quick answer warkolm.
I want it to snapshot of all the old index on the mounted NAS and delete them afterwords. Can this be a first step?
How can a second node help me here? It will be using the NAS as principal storage if I understand the it works and I'm afraid this will impact performances. I read that it's preferable to avoid NAS storage with elasticsearch.

You can do the snapshot + delete, yes.

If you had your 1TB NAS mount and then a local mount attached to a single node, Elasticsearch doesn't really see the difference and will use both equally. If you had another node in the cluster, you could get it to use the NAS mount for its data path and leave the other node with it's existing storage.

As for NAS/NFS, it really depends. We don't recommend it because we've seen issues with performance on NAS, and data integrity issues with NFS. It doesn't mean it won't work and most people won't see problems, but when it comes to data integrity we provide the safest recommendations we can.

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